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Prescribed "controlled" burns March 14-May 15

The Plainfield Park District will be coordinating a prescribed "controlled" burn at the following locations: Eaton Preserve, Mather Woods and Norman Greenway.  Implementation of the
burns will occur between the dates of March 14-May 15, weather permitting.

The Plainfield Park District owns several natural areas throughout the community. Part of the process in managing these areas is conducting periodic prescribed "controlled" burns to help establish, maintain and/or restore healthy ecosystems. Historically, across the region, wildfires burned through the prairies and woodlands. Most of our native plants are adapted to periodic burning and actually suffer in its abscence. Burning recycles nutrients into the soil and
lengthens the growing season, encouraging native plant establishment. At the same time fire helps control troublesome weeds due to their lack of adaptation to fire. Without periodic
prescribed burns, our native plant communities become dominated by a few select aggressive, non-native species thus adversely affecting native plant communities indigenous and
unique to our region.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the prescribed "controlled" burn, please contact the Plainfield Park District Planning Department at (815) 254-6180.


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