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Great Adventures Program for Preschoolers

Children will enjoy this program designed to meet their emotional, social, creative and physical needs. Based on the premise that children learn through play, participants will have numerous opportunities to explore, create, discover, problem solve, and communicate to encourage appropriate skills and development.

Caring, nurturing experienced staff members implement a
progressive program using themes to introduce and expose students to colors, shapes, numbers, and letters through a friendly, fun atmosphere. A balance of whole group and small group activities encourage academic and listening skills along with social interaction.

For more information, call Leslie A., (815) 254-2992. All children must be completely
toilet trained to participate.


Great Adventures Registration Forms: Fall brochure

Automatic Monthly
Credit/Debit Payment

Open registration going on now for school year 2017-18


Great Adventures Locations

Heritage Center
24023 W. Lockport St., Plainfield
Streams Recreation Center
24319 Cedar Creek Ln., Plainfield

AM Session: 9:30a-12p | PM Session: 12:45-3:15p



September 2017 Calendars: To be updated late August
Yellow M/W/F Yellow Tu/Th
Red M/W/F Red Tu/Th
Blue M/W/F Blue Tu/Th
Streams M/W/F Streams Tu/Th
Finally Three’s   Finally Five's  


2016-17 Registration Information


Registration is limited to one session, am or pm, not both.

Registration and Payment Plan Agreement Form must be accompanied by a $75 non-refundable registration fee.
We also require payment up-to-date of registration; submitted to:

Great Adventures
Heritage Professional Center
24023 W. Lockport St., Plainfield, IL 60544
Recreation/Administration Center
23729 W. Ottawa St., Plainfield, IL 60544

For more information, call Leslie A. at (815) 254-2992.

Program # Day Date Time Age Location
11119A1 Tu/Th Sep. 6-May 11 9:30a-12p 3 Heritage Center
11119A2 Tu/Th Sep. 6-May 11 12:45-3:15p 3 Heritage Center
11119A3 Tu/Th

Sep. 5-May 10

Must be 3 by Dec. 15, 2017

9:30a-12p 2 1/2-3 Heritage Center
11119A4 Tu/Th Aug. 31-May 10 9:30a-12p 3 Streams Rec Center
11119B1 Tu/Th Sep. 6-May 11 9:30a-12p 4 Heritage Center
11119B2 Tu/Th Sep. 6-May 11 12:45-3:15p 4 Heritage Center
11119C1 M/W/F Sep. 7-May 12 9:30a-12p 4 Heritage Center
11119C2 M/W/F Sep. 7-May 12 12:45-3:15p 4 Heritage Center
11119C3 M/W/F Sep. 2-May 12 9:30a-12p 4 Streams Rec Center
11119C4 M/W/F Sep. 2-May 12 12:45-3:15p 4 Streams Rec Center
11119D2 M/W/F Sep. 7-May 12 12:45-3:15p 5 Heritage Center


Sep. 7-May 12 9:30a-12p 5 Heritage Center


Great Adventures Payment Schedule
Due Dates:
2-Day Program
3-Day Program
5-Day Program
Due at Registration
R $75/NR $75
R $75/NR $75
R $75/NR $75
Apr. 15
R $130/NR $165
R $164/NR $208
R $272/NR $342
May 15
R $130/NR $165
R $164/NR $208
R $272/NR $342
June 15
R $130/NR $165
R $164/NR $208
R $272/NR $342
July 15
R $130/NR $165
R $164/NR $208
R $272/NR $342
Aug. 15
R $130/NR $165
R $164/NR $208
R $272/NR $342
Sept. 15
R $130/NR $165
R $164/NR $208
R $272/NR $342
Oct. 15
R $130/NR $165
R $164/NR $208
R $272/NR $342
Nov. 15
R $130/NR $165
R $164/NR $208
R $272/NR $342
Dec. 15
R $130/NR $165
R $164/NR $208
R $272/NR $342
R $1,245
NR $1,560
R $1,551
NR $1,947
R $2,523
NR $3,153


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